Millionaire Mary Burke’s Family Company Contradicts Democratic Party Platform

[Madison, Wis.] – While Millionaire Mary Burke refuses to answer questions on why Trek Bicycle hasn’t paid corporate taxes in over 30 years and has outsourced jobs overseas, Wisconsin Democrats find themselves torn between their long-standing platform and their hand-picked candidate for governor.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Platform directly conflicts with the actions of Trek, the company where Burke served as an executive and continues to be a major shareholder. In fact, the Platform includes the following provisions:

“It is immoral to overtax those less able to pay while the wealthy are taxed too little as a percentage of income….We call on the State Legislature to make corporate taxes on par with the national average.”

“American companies have an obligation to our nation to be established here at home, follow our labor and environmental laws, and pay taxes for the good of the commons.”[1]

“It is ironic that Democratic Party bosses went to extreme lengths to clear the field for a candidate who represents everything they oppose,” said Joe Fadness, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Wisconsin Democrats should think twice about having a candidate for Governor who refuses to provide answers to important questions on why Trek hasn’t paid corporate taxes in over three decades and exactly how many jobs have been outsourced overseas.”

Millionaire Mary Burke refuses to provide specifics about nearly every aspect of her time and role at Trek.  Questions she refuses to answer or clarify include:

  • How many jobs have been outsourced overseas? How large is Trek’s workforce in Asia?
  • What is Trek’s wage information domestically and in places like China? Is there a gender pay gap?
  • There are disparities about Burke’s employment at Trek – where is documentation of her employment history at Trek, including dates, titles, responsibilities, pay and location?
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that Burke has claimed various European sales increase figures in her resume. What are the specific European sales increases attributable to Mary Burke’s employment?
  • What taxes have been paid on Trek profits?



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