Can You Run For Governor Without a Jobs Plan? Mary Burke is Trying

[Madison, Wis.] – Millionaire Mary Burke began her “No Promises” campaign in October, refusing to outline her positions on the issues. But when she was pressed nearly two months later on a jobs plan, she had nothing to stand by – only that she would be formulating one “in the next few months.” Yet when asked again last week, Burke astonishingly still had no plan to present voters. In nearly four months, Wisconsin has received zero specifics from Burke on job creation.

Click here to watch Burke’s silence on jobs.

“Mary Burke isn’t serious about job creation,” said Jesse Dougherty, Press Secretary of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Nearly four months into her campaign, Burke still won’t tell voters how she would help the private sector create jobs in the state.”

Perhaps Burke is having a difficult time drafting the plan because of her dismal record:

  • The only time over the last 25 years when the state’s unemployment rate exceeded the U.S. average was when Burke was Commerce Secretary
  • As part of the Doyle-Burke Administration, her policies led to massive job loss, including 133,000 jobs and 27,000 businesses lost in the last term alone
  • Because of high taxes and regulations, employer confidence in the Doyle-Burke Administration bottomed out at a dismal 4%

“Voters shouldn’t have to wait months for a candidate to give specifics on job creation and the major issues facing our state,” continued Dougherty. “If Mary Burke won’t give a jobs plan, all we can expect is a return to the failed policies she helped craft in the Doyle Administration – which led to tens of thousands of businesses lost and jobs fleeing the state. Wisconsin deserves better.”




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