WisGOP Releases Web Ad, “Mary Burke Running From Barack Obama”


[Madison, Wis.] – Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released a web ad titled, “Mary Burke Running From Barack Obama.” As President Obama prepares to visit Wisconsin on Thursday, Mary Burke is frantically working to make other plans. The best excuse that she gave the leader of the Free World and head of her Party is that she is too busy to be seen with him. This comes as Obama’s approval rating has reached all-time lows and Obamacare’s disapproval in Wisconsin is higher than 55%.

View the video here.

“Mary Burke can try to hide from Barack Obama’s failures, but she can’t fool the people of Wisconsin,” said Wisconsin GOP Executive Director Joe Fadness. “Burke has a long record of supporting policies that resulted in higher taxes and massive job loss, just like this President.”

Republicans aren’t the only ones criticizing Burke for dodging Obama’s visit. Democratic activists have shown frustration that she’s ignoring their own leader.[1]




[1] (“Mary Burke Goes Rogue,” Cognitive Dissidence, Jeff Simpson, 01/29/14)

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