Madison Millionaire Mary Burke Enters Governor’s Race; Handpicked Candidate Helped Create Mess Fixed by Walker

[Madison, Wis.] – Madison millionaire Mary Burke announced her candidacy for Governor today. A central figure in the failed Doyle Administration, she brings to the race a disastrous record of raising taxes on hard-working families and implementing policies that sent Wisconsin into a downward spiral.

“A vote for Mary Burke is a vote to take Wisconsin backward,“ said Joe Fadness, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Burke was part of the team that left Wisconsin with a $3.6 billion budget deficit, big tax hikes, and massive job loss – a mess that was fixed by Governor Scott Walker.”

Burke, an out-of-touch Madison millionaire, spent a whopping $128,000 of her personal fortune on a local school board race – and voted to raise taxes by the maximum amount allowed by law once she arrived. Now, she’s prepared to spend millions attacking Governor Walker and the reforms that are moving our state forward.

“While Mary Burke was busy making millions for herself, Scott Walker was working to lower taxes for Wisconsin’s middle class and improve our economy,” said Fadness. “Burke’s track record shows that it will be the taxpayers who suffer from her tax-and-spend priorities.”

Burke, a handpicked candidate who has divided even her own Party, is described as someone “even less liked by the Democratic base in Wisconsin than Tom Barrett is.”[1]

“As someone who embraces the failed policies of the past, it’s clear that the millionaire activist will have a hard time connecting with Main Street, Wisconsin,” said Fadness. “Governor Walker has turned Wisconsin around, jobs are coming back, and voters want to continue moving forward.”

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[1] (Daily Kos Blog, “Mary Burke: The Mitt Romney of the Left,” 07/05/13)

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