Millionaire Mary Burke Takes Transparent Vote on School Board Budget, Attempts to Hide Record From Taxpayers


[Madison, Wis.] – Last year, millionaire Mary Burke was more than willing to vote in favor of a budget that increased taxes by nearly 5%, and ultimately, for a budget that increased taxes by the maximum amount permitted by law.

Now, as she prepares to announce a run for Governor, Democratic Party Bosses have pushed Burke to conceal her true record. But the bottom line remains: Burke is another tax-and-spend liberal with a long record of supporting tax hikes and policies that would take Wisconsin backward.

“As Democratic Party elite have worked to clear the field for Mary Burke, she is trying in vain to hide her disastrous record: massive tax increases, big budget deficits, and policies that led to substantial job loss,” said Joe Fadness, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Liberal blogger Jeff Simpson from Cognitive Dissidence, said in response to Mary Burke’s transparent shift and budget vote:

  • “Can we please put an end to the Mary Burke for Governor talk?”[1]

As the Madison millionaire has attempted to keep her backward polices out of the public eye, the Democratic Base continues to be upset with the Party’s strategy. Democratic State Senator Kathleen Vinehout, on her potential run and being the candidate of the grassroots:

  • “I think that Chairman Tate very much would like to have a situation where there was no primary,” but added that “the candidate with all the money maybe isn’t the best candidate.”[2]

Former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris being forced out of the race:

  • “Apparently, pressure was put on Harris (or at least arguments were made to him) that a primary was a bad thing. Now that is, in another single word, ridiculous.”[3]

“It’s clear that Mary Burke is just another out of touch liberal, whose policies caused the deficits and jobs loss that Scott Walker fixed when he took office,” continued Fadness. “The people of Wisconsin know better. Voters want leaders who stand with the hardworking taxpayers, not the Party Bosses and special interests.”




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