ICYMI: “The Great Mary Burke Freakout”

ICYMI: “The Great Mary Burke Freakout”
WISN Radio
July 10, 2013

[Madison, Wis.] –  As Wisconsin Democrats recruit liberal Madison millionaire Mary Burke to run against Scott Walker, Party activists are less than thrilled with her candidacy and electability.

Please see the link here on “The Great Mary Burke Freakout.” Highlighted quotes from the piece include:

“If the best that WISDEMS can come up with is Mary Burke, we’re screwed.” – Chris Liebenthal, Cognitive Dissidence, 07/09/13

“Burke is even less liked by the Democratic base in Wisconsin than Tom Barrett is.” – Daily Kos Blog, 07/05/13

“The Democrats have seemed alarmingly unprepared to challenge him.”  – Ruth Conniff, The Isthmus, 07/03/13

Listen to the segment here.

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