School Choice, The Right Choice

Each and every child deserves access to a world class education. That’s why Governor Walker has made enhancing our education system a top priority.

Walker’s plan to invest more than $475 million in public school education is just one step; he has also outlined a proposal to expand School Choice to struggling districts throughout the state.

School Choice is just that, a choice for parents to have a larger say in the education of their children and give their kids an alternative to failing schools. Despite the rhetoric on the Left, Choice is making a difference for the children enrolled, providing an opportunity for success in school and in the future.

Governor Walker recently released the following infographic that showcases the myths versus the reality of School Choice.


As you can see, School Choice creates a beneficial experience for the students, allowing them to perform better in this focused environment. Reading scores and graduation rates even skyrocket in School Choice programs in struggling districts.

School Choice has proven itself as a breeding ground for success, but these programs do not just help our kids. School Choice also saves the taxpayers millions of dollars. In 2011 alone, Choice Schools saved the hardworking people of Wisconsin more than $52 million.

The following graphic goes into more detail on how Governor Walker’s plan is transforming education and giving every child, regardless of zip code, access to a great education.

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Governor Walker’s plan is simple and expands School Choice statewide to districts that struggle the most. It gives parents real control over their children’s education and allows Wisconsin’s youth to have the proper tools at their disposal for future success.

Nathan Conrad
Communications Director
Republican Party of Wisconsin

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